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Volcanic Ash Benefits for Hair

Most people don’t consider using volcanic ash on their hair. However, if they knew about the benefits of volcanic ash, they would reconsider. In this blog post we explain the benefits of volcanic ash for your scalp and hair.

Who should consider using volcanic ash?

If you suffer from dandruff, oily skin, or a flaky scalp; then volcanic ash might be the solution for clearing up those problems. Volcanic ash has certain elements and minerals that work well within a person’s skin. These volcanic materials are naturally found inside volcanos.

Elements such as sulphur and bentonite are primary materials that appear in ash. These two substances help to exfoliate or scrub the skin. They remove dead skin and bacteria. Not only does the ash exfoliate the skin it helps to detoxify your hair and scalp areas. Detoxification is very necessary for keeping radicals, dirt, and pollution from ruining it. The ash can even provide a relaxing sensation to a person’s head while they’re applying this natural hair remedy.

How does volcanic ash work on the scalp and hair?

A person’s skin will naturally age over time. This is also true for a person’s scalp. Most people don’t realise that the skin on their heads is undergoing the same degeneration process as the rest of their body. Their face might show the most sign of aging but so does a person’s feet, hands, legs, arms, and elbows. The scalp is no exception.

Old age isn’t the only thing affecting a person’s scalp. Pollution, UV light, radicals, and poor nutrition will negatively impact a person’s skin as well. Also, some people are born with certain skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and other skin ailments that cause serious damage to the skin. These conditions will often impact the scalp. Other factors such as stress and climate can even harm the scalp. All these different factors will degrade the scalp over time.

Volcanic ash works to help alleviate these problems by rejuvenating the skin. The exfoliation process is just the first part. Volcanic ash is rich in minerals. These minerals are good for the hair because they help to strengthen the skin in this part of the body. They also provide a person’s hair with nutrients that will provide the nutrition that it needs to maintain a healthy balance. Remember the antimicrobial properties provide this benefit.

How to apply Volcanic Ash…

Volcanic ash can is often applied in different ways. First, a person could go to a spa and have it applied in the form of an ash mud bath. An ash mud bath is a procedure where a person is covered from head to toe with mud. Sometimes this procedure is performed from the neck down. A person can request to have the treatment applied to their hair.

Volcanic ash is extremely acidic. So, it has to be applied with caution. The ash is known to dry out a person’s skin in its rawest form. Oftentimes it is mixed in small amounts with other substances before it’s applied to a person’s skin. If this is not done, it could cause a person’s skin to become seriously damaged.

Haircare products that contain volcanic ash are mixed with other ingredients. This is a diluted version of an ash treatment. Commercial Volcanic ash treatment products might only have a small percentage of volcanic debris. These treatments are often sold as hair care specialty items. You can find them in some high-end hair shops, hair product specialty stores, and online.

Final Thoughts…

Volcanic ash is a great substance for your hair and scalp. You should understand how it works before you decide to use it. Volcanic ash is not a miracle solution. It won’t magically make all of your hair issues disappear. Still, it could help to improve the quality of your hair and its overall condition. Volcanic ash products are very beneficial, and they do work. If you’re a haircare professional, you should learn how to integrate this treatment into your customer’s hair care routine. If you’re a person who just wants to get their hair in good condition, you can give volcanic ash a try.