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How to help your kids make new friends after moving home

When you’ve completed a household move, the next concern as a parent will always be “How will I help my kids make new friends?”

New friends act as a support network for your kids and help them navigate the new environment. Your children will also develop social skills, stay joyful, and have an easier time at school. It’s a high priority as a parent to help your kids meet new friends.

In this post, I discuss the top 4 strategies you can use to help your kids make new friends after moving home.

Join Local Clubs…

Local Clubs are a great starting point. There’s loads to choose from including ballet, music, gymnastics (even brownies and scouts).

If you have older children, you can introduce them to a sports clubs in the area. Just go for something your children are interested in so that it’ll be a little easier for them to fit in.

You can even ask to become a volunteer at the clubs your children join, this will make them feel more comfortable. It’ll also offer a chance to meet other parents in the area.

Summer Holiday Clubs…

Summer Holiday Clubs area excellent for your children to make new friends as well as take in information about the local area. Your kids can socialise and make new friends during this period.

Summer Holiday Clubs are great as your kids get to meet the children they will be attending school with once the holidays come to an end.

Go to Local Swimming Pool and Parks…

Any activity that your kids find fun engaging in can be an excellent way of building new friends. Visiting Swimming pools and parks is great!

Use google to find the best local parks and swimming pools in your area and visit them regularly, It will give your kids to have fun and meet new friends.


Organising playdates will help your kids and their newly formed friends interact and get used to each other even more. You can suggest activities such as playing a sport or doing an art activity in your home or at a local park.

If you’ve already met other parents in your local area, you can make a plan for regular playdates to help your kids build their new friendships.

Final Thoughts…

Using the tips above will help your children make new friends in no time! Have you moved to a new place that requires your kids to start a new school and make new connections? What strategies are you implementing to help them make new friends? I would like to know them too.