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Educational TV Shows for Kids on Netflix and BBC iPlayer

If your kids are like mine (the tablet-glued type), you understand how devastating it is to always find them watching pointless programs or playing senseless games. Most of the time, I find my kids playing Roblox or worthless games that will hardly add any value.

It’s not a bad thing for your little ones to have some fun screen time. However, as a parent, you’d want for them to make the most out of that time.

In this post, I discuss TV shows I’ve vetted from Netflix and BBC player for kids and found to be very educational and beneficial for them.

Check them out as they might be great for your kids….

Horrible Histories

I love history shows, but Horrible Histories impresses my kids a great deal. It’s a great Netflix show that will help your kids learn about history. From Stone Age to World War 1 plays, it’s literally covers everything your kids will learn at school.

Odd Squad

You guessed it right. This is a kid’s TV show that can help tune their Math’s skills. The programme is about a squad of agents who solve cases using their math’s skills.

The creativity shown in this play is next level. It’s the only show that throws bits of crucial information without the kids even realizing it. The play doesn’t hide that it’s about numbers, but your youngsters will hardly tell that they’re learning.

The show is not short of science fiction and a mix of action, so it’ll keep your children entertained too.

Operation Ouch

This is a CBBC programme that you can also catch on BBC iPlayer.

Anything about Accident and Emergency is covered here over and beyond. If your kids are interested in medical treatment and technologies, this is the show they should be watching.

One thing I like about Operation Ouch is that my kids connect well with every episode and everything explained there. They learn the important stuff about the human body and health in general. I feel like it makes clear every biology concept that my kids learn at school.

Don’t forget that the show is highly engaging, with humour in every experiment or concept explained.

Walking with Dinosaurs

Sounds fun! It is. I’ve personally watched it and picked up a lot from it. Walking with Dinosaurs is the best pick for a TV programme if your children are fascinated by dinosaurs and realism.

It’s a Netflix programme with a well-thought-out, realistic and educative storyline. If you’ve not watched this Dino movie, I would suggest you watch it alongside your kids.

Some of the life lessons you and your kids can pick up from the movie include: always do what’s right, follow your dreams and learn to always forgive. You can watch it with the voices of the characters or not, but I feel like the voices make understanding the story a breeze.


Newsround is the news programme your kids should be watching. It explains every that happens in the world, but in a language that’s suitable for kids. I watched this programme as a child, and I can still recommend it now.

Besides the regular bulletins, the programme also airs documentaries and animated films called ‘specials’ that are very educative for kids.

Deadly 60

We wrap up this list with a documentary that’ll teach your kids about rare animal species, some geography and various countries.

This nature documentary series shows Steve Backshall (a British zoologist) searching for 60 of the world’s deadliest animals. Each episode unveils 3 of these animals, their geographical environment, and the best mode of capturing them.

Deadly 60 is definitely a worthwhile show to watch with your zealous kids. It’s a CBBC show that you can catch on BBC iPlayer.


I hope you now have inspiration and ideas on the fun and educational TV programmes your kids should be watching. They’ve worked for me and my kids, and I know they’ll work for you and your lovely kids too.

If your children are already watching some beneficial programmes, you now have more options to spice things up!