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The Best Christmas Books for Kids 2021

Is Christmas around the corner, and you are wondering what great gift to give your kid? Why not try the most fun and exciting learning tool – a Christmas book. When reading them to the children, it puts both the kids and adults into the Christmas mood.

If you want to surprise your little bundle of joy with a Christmas book this season, try either of the following;

1. Peter Rabbit: Christmas is Coming

Have you ever heard of Beatrix Potter? This famous author inspired the book. It comes with 24 short stories that are adorable, with fantastic illustrations. Kids love the set activities, which are easy to set up.

2. How Winston Delivered Christmas

The book comes in 24 and ½ chapters. It entails a mouse who decides to deliver a letter it finds addressed to Santa. The child is supposed to read each chapter every day until Christmas.

3. The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

Like the title donates, the book talks of a dinosaur that pooped Christmas. It is a funny book full of silly jokes. Your kid will love it.

4. Aliens Love Panta Claus

This book is full of kid-type of humour. Some panty-obsessed aliens decide to foil Santa’s gifts and offer pants as gifts instead. They also decorate everything with kids. Kids up to seven years old will love it.

5. Mog’s Christmas

Mog’s Christmas is a Christmas classic book with a traditional touch. The book comes with beautiful illustrations.

It is an excellent book for kids who love animals. You can buy it for a 2 – 6-year-old.

6. Pick a Pine Tree

Does your kid love to decorate Christmas trees? This book is about decorating one. The details and illustrations will help your child learn how to decorate an actual Christmas tree. Kids above three years and below eight years will love it.

7. The Crayon’s Christmas

It’s a continuation of the previous Crayon book by Oliver Jeffers. The book has a pop-up Christmas tree and includes many exciting activities for the kids.

8. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This book will move your kid. It entails how you can find your Christmas spirit. The illustrations are lovely, and the story is engaging.

9. Santa’s Sleigh is on Its Way to My House

This cute story illustrates Santa’s travel around London, giving presents to kids. He hides in the house while the child goes downstairs to see the gifts. It’s hilarious and keeps the kid engaged and entertained.

10. Dasher

Are you trying to make your kid brave during this Christmas? This fantastic book about courageous reindeer will work out great. The book illustrates how Dasher courageously united with Santa.

11. The Jolly Christmas Postman

The book is a fantastic hub of activities. It comes with games and letters created with adorable illustrations. You may need to supervise your child not to lose the notes.

12. The Polar Express

This animated book will make your child scroll the pages none stop. It entails a boy receiving the Christmas magic most excitingly. The vibrant illustrations tell it all. Your kid will fall in love with it!

13. The Empty Stocking

Rebecca Cobb creatively illustrates the amazing story in this book in an exciting manner. It tells of two twins where one was good, and the other was naughty. Santa leaves an empty stocking to the naughty twin. It teaches discipline in a fun way.

14. Last Stop on the Reindeer Express

This book contains doors that open to get to the next chapter. It helps children that do not celebrate Christmas with their loved ones. The story is magical, with stunning illustrations.

15. One Snowy Night

This book is excellent in teaching kids how to be kind and friendly. The story entails a hedgehog who received a Christmas gift that did not suit him. The hedgehog tries to gift the present to his friends.

16. The Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore

This book comes in many versions illustrating how Santa arrives in your house. If you buy this book, start with the older versions, as they will help your child understand the book’s character.

17. One Christmas Wish

One Christmas Wish is a funny, poignant, and clever picture book by Kathrine Rundell, a famous children’s book author. The book has gorgeous illustrations, and it’s more extensive than many children’s Christmas books. It contains a fantastic story about a lonely little boy’s Christmas wish.

18. Little Robin Red Vest

If you want your child to develop kindness and the art of giving, you should get this book for him. It contains impressive illustrations of a robin who gave out his vests.

19. Peppa’s Christmas Jumper Day

This is a creative book that introduces a jumper-making day for kids. The story describes how Daddy Pig had to home-craft a jumper for one of his kids since they couldn’t make it to buy one on time.

20. Spot’s First Christmas

Spot’s First Christmas is a board book by Eric Hill crafted to excite toddlers and babies. It is a small flap book illustrating Spot, a cute tiny puppy, in an exciting story.

21. That’s Not My Reindeer

This is a touch and feel book that relates well with kids. The little one has to go through and touch various pages to identify the reindeer. The final page consists of the reindeer you have been looking for. What an adventure!

22. Peep Inside a Fairy Tale: The Nutcracker

This book has many scenes that excite the little ones. You can know what’s on the next page through the peephole. It also comes with a flap.

23. Dear Santa

Have you ever come across the Dear Zoo book with a flap? This book comes with a similar format but includes Santa.

24. Peppa’s Christmas

Peppa’s Christmas is a book that brings out the Christmas Eve mood. The story illustrates how George and Peppa spotted Santa on Christmas Eve in an entertaining manner.


As illustrated above, there exist numerous books you can gift your kid to bring out the Christmas mood. Based on your kid’s age, choose what suits them.